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Gambeson Rabenfurth Brown

Gambeson Rabenfurth Brown

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A knee-length lightly padded coat with straight quilting, due to the flat closures, it is best suited as a padding layer under chain mail or a cuirass. The stand-up collar optimally protects the neck from pressure points. Thanks to its long sleeves, you can use either a long-sleeved chain mail or one with short sleeves and bracers. The sleeves are set relatively far inside at the front, which makes them particularly flexible. It's a useful garment for various fighting characters, be it knights, squires, warrior servants or mercenaries.

Outside: cotton canvas (100% cotton)
Lining: 100% cotton
Padding: 100% polyester

Color: Brown, black lining

up to 90 cm chest or waist circumference - XS
up to 95 cm chest or waist circumference - S
up to 102 cm chest or waist circumference - M
up to 110 cm chest or waist circumference - L
up to 120 cm chest or waist size - XL
up to 128 cm chest or waist circumference - XXL


Cotton (100%)



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Customer Reviews

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Noah Howell
Pretty good and stylish but a bit small around arms

Pretty good but its tight around the arms and is hard to move your arms above your shoulders. Bit annoying when youre doing longsword and try to go into ochs stance. Other than that good.