Since 2004, Zeughaus has stood for what its name has represented for more than half a millennium. Named for the late medieval camp bearing military equipment, Zeughaus in turn offers an extensive selection of armor - helmets, plate armor, chain mail, robes, and accessories, all based on authentic models.

Are you enthusiastic about the fantastic world of LARP? Do you reenact with friends with an eye for historical details? Do you compete with like-minded people in medieval show combat? Or maybe you are looking for stylish objects for decorations? Whatever the reason for your interest is, you will find everything you need to travel back in time and experience the Middle Ages up close.

We share your passion. Over the years, we have focused on the little details that are important for real enthusiasts. During the Middle Ages, quality not only decided victory or defeat but even life or death for the knight. For us, quality at reasonable prices is not just a claim, but a matter of course.

Put us to the test! In our medieval store, you will find medieval equipment that will convince you.

The Middle Ages - Stories, Images, Fantasies

As many medieval enthusiasts likely know, the “dark” Middle Ages were not as romantic as we like to imagine for the vast majority of people alive at the time. Nevertheless, the period between the 6th and 15th centuries is one of the most significant for Europe and still ensnares the imagination of young and old alike.

One reason for the popularity of this period is certainly its warlike aspect. The Middle Ages were characterized by conflicts between competing noble rulers and their massive armies.

A knight in full plate armor was an impressive and, for his opponents, fearsome sight in his day. Even to this day, such a sight represents attributes, such as courage, honor, loyalty, and strength of will. When we call someone chivalrous, it is a virtue that reflects how we like to imagine the Middle Ages.

At the same time, the Middle Ages are also an ideal backdrop for our imagination. Mages, trolls, dwarves, elves, thieves, and, of course, brave Amazons and fighters armed with iron face off against evil in stories from a medieval fantasy world. Their opponents are dark wizards, demons, dragons, and other fantastic creatures, which for us are inseparable from the Middle Ages. The successes of J. R. R. Tolkien and other authors speak volumes here.

For every true enthusiast, no matter whether you view the Middle Ages historically or as a playground for your imagination, it is a dream to be able to slip into the role of these heroes, or perhaps a villain, yourself one day. A dream that Zeughaus can help you fulfill.

In Armor, Without Fear or Reproach

In reality, most people during the Middle Ages were far removed from the image we have in mind today. Even in wars, the vast majority of common soldiers looked little like knights. Real armor or even parts of high-quality body armor were not at all affordable for them. For the common foot soldier, it had to be enough to be able to protect life and limb with a gambeson, simple textile armor. More elaborate armor, such as chain mail and plate armor, were reserved for the nobility, mostly due to their enormous cost.

On its own, chain armor cost more than a typical peasant could earn in his entire life. Therefore, it was unimaginable to afford the luxury of a complete outfit with chain mail, gambeson, armor, helmet, and weapon outside of the noble class. Add to this a horse? Inconceivable!

Fortunately, after more than half a millennium, this has changed. Do you want to live out your fantasy in LARP and charge into battle against evil? Would you like to reenact memorable battles in your spare time, or perhaps you dream of transforming your living room into a historical armory? With Zeughaus, you will find everything you need for this. You can be sure that you don't have to be noble and wealthy, nor do you have to sell your soul to be able to afford impressive equipment. Our replicas are based on historical models and offer an authentic impression of a medieval fighter’s appearance.