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Short sleeved chain shirts by Zeughaus

Half Sleeve

Short Chain Mail

At a cursory glance, a chain mail shirt may look as if it were crudely knitted from metallic thread. However, closer inspection reveals the craftsmanship behind its manufacture.

What looks like stitches are actually rings that intertwine to form a seamless garment. The individual rings, together averaging 30,000 pieces and counting, are knotted together. This is done according to a special "knitting pattern." Here, each individual ring is connected by four neighboring rings. This type of manufacturing has a good reason: even if a ring is damaged in battle, the basic structure remains.  An effect like a run is not possible with chain mail. Although a small hole arises  at the breaking point, the basic structure and protective effect of the chain mail remain.

The short chain mail, also known as Haubergeon, is characterized by shortened sleeves compared to the classic Hauberk, the long chain mail. Worn over the gambeson, the arms of the shirt reach above the elbows of the wearer.

Freedom of Movement and Combinability

In addition to the savings in material and thus cost, short chain mail grants at least slightly more arm freedom when it releases the elbows during movement. In return, short chain mail offers no protection to the forearms. This can be a disadvantage in swordplay. If the opponent's blade misses or slips from their grip, it can easily hit one’s hands or forearms. This, among many reasons, was why knights wore bracers and gloves. When equipped with these, a long-sleeved chain mail is superfluous, or even a hindrance, if it gets caught under the bracers. The short chain shirt, on the other hand, ends above the bracers.

Although this is not necessarily characteristic of the short chain shirt, Haubergeons are also often shorter in overall length than the classic hauberk. Most models only reach the hips, while the long chain mail often still covers at least half of the thighs. Again, the short version offers more freedom of movement and simplifies the combination with plate legs.

Quality is in the Details

A chain mail must withstand high loads. The force of a blow is distributed by its structure over a larger area and is thus mitigated. In addition, it reliably protects against cuts and even repels stabs to a limited capacity.

Protection and comfort primarily depend on the quality of the materials and their processing.

In the simplest and at the same time most authentic production method, short chain mail consists of simple round rings bent from metal wire, usually simple steel wire. To additionally prevent the rings from bending up, these are riveted in higher quality.

Balancing a lower weight with a particularly massive appearance, short chain mail made of flat rings is particularly convincing. Also riveted, they receive additional stability by alternating rows of riveted and closed stamped rings. Stamped rings are easier to manufacture and can not bend up under load.

Chain mail receives additional durability and protection from weather conditions through the so-called finish. Galvanizing preserves the classic metal color, whereas burnishing gives the material a dark color. Untreated material is protected from moisture by repeated oiling. Stainless steel eliminates the need for post-treatment.

Short and Good? Your Short Chain Mail from Zeughaus

With Zeughaus you will find an extensive selection of short chain mail made of different materials, in different fits, looks, and finishes.

We offer inexpensive models for beginners, made of simple round rings in 9 mm and 10 mm steel, galvanized, burnished, or uncoated and oiled as well as high-quality models made of riveted flat rings in stainless steel or lighter aluminum.

A short chain mail is both the optimal entry into your new passion for LARP, reenactment, or show combat as well as an indispensable basis for a complete armour set. With the short chain mail, you create a base, which you can expand with other parts at will. Our high-quality processed models accompany you with little maintenance for a lifetime.

We offer Haubergeons in different sizes, which can be repaired with some craftsmanship, and our selection of loose rings if necessary and adapted to individual needs.