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In the Middle Ages, clothing and armour had to fulfill their intended function above all else. With different accessories, aids, and items, the utility of equipment can be supplemented, combat power can be improved, and the protective effects of armour strengthened, all while emphasizing the wearer’s individuality.


What distinguishes us humans from other living creatures is our ingenuity when it comes to perfectly adapting to the demands of everyday life. We are the only living creatures that use clothing to protect ourselves against environmental influences and to optimally meet the various stresses and tasks of everyday life. Whether it be everyday clothing, work clothes, or armour: with the appropriate equipment, even people from the Middle Ages were optimally equipped within the scope of their technical possibilities.

But that's not all. No other living being comparably uses tools and aids to cope with such diverse tasks to make life a little easier or more pleasant.

As creative as modern people are in this area, many everyday objects that we use today have their origins far before our time.

Not Only the Devil is in the Details

The medieval world fascinates people of all ages. In LARP, reenactment, and in show combat, some of us live out this enthusiasm with great passion.

One reason for the popularity of reenacting historical life is the fact that it is so easy to get started. To participate in a gathering of like-minded people, it is not necessary to be in full armour from day one. When you start to get involved with the world of the Middle Ages, you will quickly realize how many opportunities are available. In the beginning, you will try out different things, try to find your place, develop a character, and gradually shape it according to your ideas. This requires time and of course money. Like any hobby, immersing yourself in the fantastic world of the Middle Ages offers a wide variety of almost limitless possibilities. Just as your "real" life consists of different facets, you can also breathe life into your medieval or fantasy character bit by bit. It is not difficult to get started. Even a single piece of clothing, a tunic, a gambeson, or chain mail, combined with everyday clothing can give you a special feeling and signal what your heart beats for to the outside world.

It won't be long before the fever takes hold of you too. Little by little, your collection will fill up. With each additional piece of clothing or armour, your enthusiasm will grow, and your character will develop its personality.

The clothing or armour that your character wears forms the basic framework, the foundation. But what really brings your character to life and gives it individuality are, in many cases, the small details.

Clothing and armour followed the spirit of the times, even in the Middle Ages. Those who could afford it took advantage of the possibilities to add that certain something to standardized equipment or clothing through details or to expand its functionality.

A small accessory, a belt, a bag, or an elaborately engraved belt buckle not only fulfill a useful function, they also catch the eye and give their wearer unique character, personality, and recognition.

Accessories can also be indispensable tools, such as the weapon holder, which keeps the sword handy at your side at all times.

When the boundaries blur

Those who are enthusiastically immersed in the world of LARP or reenactment can hardly wait to finally slip into character again, live out their fantasy, and engage in a multifaceted hobby with like-minded people. The time between events can feel like ages.

Not all clothing and equipment is suitable for everyday use. Showing up to the office in chain mail or even full armour is rarely an option. Not everyone has the self-confidence or simply the ability to incorporate medieval clothing into everyday life, even though many pieces from our "garments" section are certainly suitable for everyday use. However, it is usually easy to integrate individual accessories into one’s personal clothing style. Particularly popular, for example, are bags that can carry forged knives and wooden cutlery, or likewise store wallets, car keys, and smartphones. Such small details not only serve as a reminder of a beloved hobby or interest but also provide a unique flourish to everyday wear.

At Zeughaus you will find a wide selection of accessories, add-ons, and items with which can complete, expand, and customize your equipment. We attach great importance to quality at reasonable prices and an authentic design.